Industrial services

From maintenance to industrial assembly


Industrial services have become more and more important in recent years. The increasing concentration of companies operating in complex industrial plants within their particular core businesses results in increased demand for the complex services required to maintain these plants. These services require intelligent solutions in order to:


- Increase availability
- Increase general plant safety
- Reduce costs (fixed costs compared to variable costs, outsourcing models)
- Maintain and secure the maintenance expertise required.


These requirements have been successfully managed in recent years by the Hydraulik Nord Group’s industrial service subsidiaries which offer complementary service packages thus strengthening the Group’s position as a complex system supplier.


The Hydraulik Nord Group’s industrial service subsidiaries can easily draw on the key skills of other subsidiaries such as steel construction, pipeline construction and electrical engineering. These key skills enable the subsidiaries to offer sophisticated services regarding plant construction in addition to classic maintenance services.


Industrial services are provided predominantly in the following sectors:


- Mechanical engineering
- Woodworking industry
- Paper industry
- Power plant industry
- Marine industry
- Steel industry
- Off-shore



Subsidiaries providing industrial services:


DIM Industrieservice Nord GmbH


Sachs Montage- und Schweißtechnik GmbH


LITRONIC Steuer- und Regeltechnik GmbH